Using the WhatsApp bot, engage and connect with billions of prospects on WhatsApp!

Automate your conversations

Increase Conversions, Revenue, And Sales Using Customers’ Favorite Communication Channel

Using the WhatsApp bot, engage and connect with billions of prospects on WhatsApp!

Automate your conversations

Increase conversions, revenue, and sales using Customers’ Favorite Communication Channel

How Whatsapp Automation can help your business

Send Personalized Notifications

Notify your customers about delivery updates, booking reminders, invoices, order confirmations, and other important information using a WhatsApp chatbot.

  • Enhance customer relationships with personalized messaging.
  • 80% higher open rate than SMS / Push Notifications.
  • Cost-effective with high engagement.

Enhance customer service

Provide customer support teams with the tools to respond to customer inquiries instantly and troubleshoot more efficiently using multimedia sharing. Get closer to your customers with WhatsApp.

  • 24 / 7 availability to respond at any time, even after business hours.
  • Multi-Lingual Support. Understand your diverse customers in their native languages.
  • AI-powered Sentiment Analysis to escalate tricky clients to live agents.
  • Automated answers to FAQs to solve general questions.

Rich Media Elements

With an interactive list and reply buttons for selecting preferred options, your WhatsApp Chatbot now offers a seamless user experience to your customers.

  • By choosing an option from a menu-type list view instead of navigating a numbered menu, customers now have an experience that is 3x faster.
  • The reply button lets customers respond faster rather than having to type back complete answers from a list of options

Launch Smart Surveys & Promotions

Conducting conversational surveys will enable you to optimize your funnel and enhance your offerings.

  • More than 95% response rates
  • Rich Media-based surveys

From ads to automated Whatsapp Conversations

WhatsApp is already being used by businesses around the world to chat with customers. With ads that click through to WhatsApp, it will be even easier to begin conversations.

Facebook ads that click to WhatsApp include a button that opens a WhatsApp conversation. A prepopulated, customizable message will open when the customer clicks the call-to-action button and invites them to initiate communication.

Business opportunity with WhatsApp Chatbot

An intelligent chatbot from your company that responds to your customers 24×7 can help you achieve higher Customer Satisfaction Ratings and better ROI
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What are WhatsApp Chatbots?
A WhatsApp Bot is a chatbot software that runs on the WhatsApp messaging platform. Using it, businesses can converse with their prospects and customers on WhatsApp.
To create a WhatsApp bot, do I need coding knowledge?
Absolutely not. You can build WhatsApp Chatbots on Botosynthesis.ai without coding. Botosynthesis bot builder lets you create a conversational flow with just a few clicks.
How soon can I send messages to the users?
Within a 24-hour window, you can respond to any query from a user for free, after which the message template will be charged.
What is message templates?
A WhatsApp chatbot message template is a set of predefined messages approved by WhatsApp that you can send to your users before they send a message or after the 24-hour window has expired.
What if the WhatsApp business chatbot cannot handle the question?
In this case, Botosynthesis bot-to-human handover makes sense. You can seamlessly switch from the bot to the human with Botosynthesis human handover feature, ensuring a seamless customer experience.