Build a Chatbot for Telegram and skyrocket your business

Automate your business processes by setting up auto-replies and launching promo campaigns.

Telegram has 500 million active users monthly

The platform is rapidly growing every day with 1.5 million new users signing up for Telegram. This means so many people are on Telegram and the number is increasing rapidly, enabling businesses to grab many new opportunities.

Answer in Groups

Answer queries of every single user instantly in telegram groups, unlike WhatsApp and Facebook.

Telegram groups can have up to 200,000 members, which enables you to address a large set of audiences on a single go.

Enrich your Sales & Support

Use different kind of media including images, videos, GIFs, URLs, and more to enrich your customer communication and provide a better user experience

Create brand awareness with the support of resources and let the users understand exactly what you want to convey with supportive media.

Send bulk Telegram messages to your subscribers

Messages can be enhanced with text, images, files, and buttons.

You can schedule the message to send on a specific day and time once it is ready. Once the campaign is sent, check its statistics.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate with 30+ channels to redirect the insightful data to your favorite tools smoothly

Empower your campaigns with the warm and qualified leads generated by the Telegram Chatbot and generate more business with greater ROI

Want to know how it works?

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What is a Telegram Chatbot?
Chatbots on Telegram are automated conversation partners. A computer and a person can converse with each other through it. Rather than chatting with another person, now you’re chatting with a computer. Depending on what you say or what you ask, the chatbot will automatically respond to you.
Why use Telegram Chatbots?
Telegram is one of the biggest messaging apps in the world, with 400 million active monthly users. There are already a lot of Telegram users, and the number is growing rapidly. Considering how many people are on the platform, it’s likely that your customers will also be there. Be where your customers are.
why chatbots are essential for telegram?
Telegram permits the use of chatbots in groups, whereas Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp does not. Includes the option to supply information with an expiration date to erase it automatically. By connecting to a CRM, ticketing system, or chat platform, Telegram bots may provide customer assistance or gather leads.
Why do we need bot for Telegram?
A telegram bot can help collect leads, provide customer support, send newsletters to existing customers, show portfolios, run marketing campaigns, or automate some of the interactions.
Are Telegram bots private?
With Telegram bots are not private. Everybody can find them. The difference is that a certain communication channel with the bot can be made private. This is a group with the bot that you and the bot are members of.