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Step 1: Enter your country code without the + symbol, followed by the WhatsApp phone number.

Step 2: Add a pre-filled message (optional).

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Create Your Free WhatsApp Link in 2 Steps

Research by Forrester Research states that 77% of customers said that, to provide good customer service online, the most important thing a business can do for them is value their time. It also states that 55% of US adults abandon their carts in absence of a quick response from businesses.

A presence on instant messaging services like WhatsApp enables you to have one-on-one conversations with customers, offer prompt responses, and deliver outstanding customer service while establishing your brand’s reputation.

But having a WhatsApp number alone is insufficient. They must be placed where customers may see them. For instance, in the bottom right corner of your app or website.

But before they can message you on the app, your customer must store your contact information, go to WhatsApp, and look for it. That level of patience is rare these days. Individuals seek immediate gratification.

Your savior will be WhatsApp chat links in this situation. Why is that? Find out by reading on.

What is a click-to-chat WhatsApp Link?

People don’t want to store their personal phone with business numbers. Especially not on a private chat programme they use for instant chatting.

Without having to save their phone number, users of WhatsApp can directly  chat with another user by clicking on a link using the click-to-chat or wa.me feature.

Customers and businesses both benefit from this.

A consumer can start speaking with you as soon as they click the WhatsApp chat link on your website, which takes them to the WhatsApp chat screen on their phone or on the WhatsApp web.

But what additional benefits does WhatsApp’s click-to-chat function offer? 
Read on to discover!

The advantages of setting up a Free WhatsApp conversation link for your company

Easy Communication

People want their requirements to be satisfied quickly in our fast-paced society, especially when it comes to answering their questions or concerns. You can achieve that with the use of a WhatsApp conversation link.

With WhatsApp, you may instantly greet a new customer who just joined your website or offer personalized customer care. The consumer is a king, after all, and you want to treat them as such.

Real-time Engagement

A potential customer is more likely to convert when you engage with them at the appropriate time and location.

Frequently, your company website is the ideal location, and the ideal moment is when a buyer is browsing it. A WhatsApp chat link gives your customers a quick way to contact you.

It eliminates the need for them to research your offerings, complete a form, and wait for your response hours, days, or occasionally weeks later.


WhatsApp is more than just a platform for instant messaging. Additionally, direct shopping and payment options are available. As a result, anytime a customer wants to view your catalogue, they do not need to visit your website because it can be configured on WhatsApp.

Regarding payments, moving to other online payment applications or using a bank transfer are not hassles. Payments and shopping can both be done on WhatsApp.

Its 2 billion users are no surprise, of course!


Do you still use instant messaging services? For the majority of people today, that is unimaginable. All of your clients are using these apps. You must also be in that place.

When a customer uses a WhatsApp chat link to contact you, you have access to their phone number right away in your database. So you can email them your brochure, offer codes, and website links whenever you roll out a new offer, debut a new product, or simply just want to increase traffic to your website.

But keep in mind, don’t spam. Instead of losing consumers, you want to keep them.

It’s crucial to remember that adding a WhatsApp chat link isn’t the only convenience you can give your clients. Additionally, a scannable WhatsApp QR code can make it exceedingly simple for clients to get in touch with you. You can get started right away with the free WhatsApp QR code generator made by Botosynthesis!

Generating a simple WhatsApp link

1. Copy the URL, which is either “https://wa.me/” or “https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=” 2. After the link, type your phone number with the country code (without +, zeros before the country code, or any other special characters). Your WhatsApp conversation link, for example, will appear something like this if your phone number is +91 8005789090: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=918005789090 or https://wa.me/918005789090.

Generating WhatsApp link with a welcome message

1. Copy the URL, which is either “https://wa.me/” or “https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=

2. Enter your phone number, including the country code, and the pre-written message. No plus signs, zeros, or other special characters should be used while entering the phone numbers.

There are now a few steps to take in order to add a custom SMS message.

Just one sentence

Your simple chat link is followed by “&text=” and your chosen text is followed by “percent 20” when you add a single sentence.

As an illustration, you wish to say, “Hey there!” This is how your WhatsApp chat link will appear:

Hey there, there! https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=918005789090&text= Alternatively, go to https://wa.me/918005789090&text=Hey%20there%20!

Multiple sentences
‍When submitting numerous sentences, a ‘0A’ is sent after each sentence.

An illustration would be: “Hi John. Regarding your running shoes, I have a question”. Your WhatsApp chat link will appear as follows:



Whew! It takes a lot of time to manually create a WhatsApp conversation link. What if I told you there is a quicker method that is only just a few seconds?

I’ll tell you about the not-so-secret WhatsApp link generator if you lean in.

The simplest WhatsApp link generation tool available online is Botosynthesis’s WhatsApp Chat Link Generator. Additionally, using it is absolutely free.

How straightforward is this link-building tool really?

Simply enter your phone number and the text you want to use to create your WhatsApp conversation link. Botosynthesis will take care of the rest while you sit back and relax – instantly and without cost!

Don’t just create a link that allows users to talk online! You want to make it as simple as you can for clients to contact your company as a business. The simplest approach to do this if your website receives a lot of traffic is to include a WhatsApp live chat widget. You can quickly create the WhatsApp widget with the free tool Botosynthesis has created.

Important things to keep in mind

Enter your phone number only, including the country code. Do not prefix country codes with +, zeros, or any other special characters.
Verify the WhatsApp account for the number for which you have established the connection is active.
You can omit the country code and only enter the phone number when adding a non-international number to the connection.


Avoid the time-consuming and tiresome procedure of contacting clients through forms and emails. With WhatsApp chat connections, invite them to contact you right away.

Create a free WhatsApp chat link right now by using Botosynthesis’s link generator.

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Free Whatsapp Link Generator