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Facebook Conversational Marketing

Use our modern Facebook Marketing tool to improve customer service, sales, or support
Have your chatbot in minutes and get your website linked to your chatbot for interactive user experience and more leads



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Rich Personalized Experience

Rich Personalized Experience

Welcome visitors with personalized messages and responses.
Enhance the user experience with rich messages and interactive chat responses including Images, Cards & Carousels, Buttons, and Quick replies.

Increase Interactions
Rich Media

Provide Rich Experience


Personalized Interactions

Qualified Leads & Increased ROI

There is an 85% open rate for Messenger.
Automatically convert your ad prospects and generate a higher ROI.
Use your Facebook chatbot to qualify your leads and add another platform to drive sales for your business.

Generate Leads


Qualify Leads


Increased Ad Conversions

Qualified leads & Increased ROI
Chatbot For Automate and Analyze

Automate and Analyze

Automatically respond to users who commented on your Facebook post.
Send your customers a link to your chatbot they can access via their preferred channel.
Take a look at our advanced analytics and make impactful strategies to convert more customers.

Automated Interactions

Chatbot For Tools To Scale

Tools to Scale


Advanced Analytics

Sell and Support

Solve customer issues instantly and accurately 24×7 and provide assistance with agents for complex queries.
You can automate 80% of repetitive questions and allow your customers to self-serve.
Send automated notifications to users with reminders, suggestions, and information about the latest arrivals.
24*7 instant assistance

24×7 instant assistance


Live Chat

Reminder and notification

Reminders and Notifications

Sell and support on facebook post

Integrations to power up your campaigns

Why Your Business Need Messenger Automation?


Open Rates




More Opt in Rates


More Leads

Frequently Ask Questions

Chatbots are computer programs that simulate conversation with people over chat interfaces. Chatbots can be integrated with Websites, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Google My Business to support your customers.

Facebook Messenger chatbots are designed to carry out automated conversations on Facebook. Messenger bots are built for many purposes, from providing information to enhancing lead generation through ads.

The Facebook Messenger Chatbot lets you reach out to billions of prospects that already use Facebook. This enables you to select your target audience quickly, and improve lead generation and customer support. It’s also possible to send welcome messages, schedule appointments, send notifications, reminders, offers, etc.

An existing Facebook Page and administrator rights are required.
Using Botosynthesis’ no-code chatbot builder, you can then create a Messenger chatbot and connect it to your page for deployment.

Using Botosynthesis, you can create a bot without writing any code. A bot can be created or deployed on the messenger without requiring any coding experience. No technical expertise is required.