Our goal is to assist companies in expanding by developing enduring connections with their clients.

At Botosynthesis, we are dedicated to assisting companies in delivering a superior customer experience by refocusing on fast and prompt discussions. We prioritise the needs of our clients and collaborate with them to support their business objectives and make sure they are successful.

How it Started

It all started in an engineering college where 3 young ambitious engineers gave up their MNC jobs to start their venture in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

About Company

Botosynthesis is one of the best AI Companies in the world.

At Botosynthesis, we aim to create automated solutions that make people’s lives simpler.                                                                        

We automate tasks of all kinds by developing cognitive solutions such as Chatbots, RPA, Call Center Automation, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation Bots, etc.

Our AI-based automated solutions can do the work in minutes which would usually take hours or maybe days to complete by humans.

Progress till now

Till now, we’ve helped 120+ clients across the globe to multiply their income, decrease errors and automate operations.

We’re currently helping 4 innovative startups to build their first artificial intelligence products.

We’re featured in several lists including the top 100 Artificial Intelligence companies in the world and Top 10 Artificial Intelligence companies in India by the clutch.co.

We are also recognised by Botmakers as one of the best Chatbot Companies in the world in their Chatbot Developers Landscape 2020



Chatbot For Scalable


Answer any number of queries promptly

Chatbot For No Code


Just plan, drag, drop, and deploy

Easy To SetUp

Minimal steps to start building awesome chatbots

Chatbot For Knowledge base

Knowledge Base

Dedicated resources to clear your doubts

Easy to Deploy

Deploy with a single click, test without hustle

Chatbot For Growth Tools

Growth Tools

Utility tools to make it easier for your campaigns

Chatbot For Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

No matter what, we are there for you

Ecommerce Support

Easily setup your store with ecommerce support

Our values

We are committed to establishing a serene, motivating workplace that draws top talent. We help them skill-up in an innovative and problem solving environment.

Botosynthesis values