625% Engagement Growth on Instagram in 30 days!!!

Dr Gajendra Purohit, a top educator with 1 Million+ Subs got 400k+ Impressions using Instagram Automation.

Overall progress
Account Reach

625% Engagement Growth on Instagram in 30 days!!!

Dr Gajendra Purohit, a top educator with 1 Million+ Subs got 400k+ Impressions using Instagram Automation.

Overall progress
Account Reach


Dr Gajendra purohit is an entrepreneur, educator and author with 20+ years of experience.

He is the top educator at the Un academy for IIT-JAM and CSIR NET Mathematics and an author of two best selling books on amazon.
That’s just not it!
With over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, Dr Purohit is a big star – well known for his teaching style.

With 19k+ followers, he had a strong base on Instagram as well.
Yet something crucial was still missing from his account and, i.e., engagement.

No matter if you have 19 followers or 19k, having high engagement is the only key to becoming an Instagram sensation.

Here’s how Dr Purohit miraculously multiplied his account’s engagement.
That too in just 7 days!
The Challenge

The Challenge

Less engagement, Less reach

Do you know how Instagram’s algorithm works and why it must be cracked?

Instagram tracks user activity on your profile, such as time spent, comments, saves, and much more.
The most-engaged content is then displayed at the top of the Instagram feed.
So, if you want your content to go viral, you must get a lot of people to interact with it.

And this is something Dr Purohit’s account lacked: proper interaction with the audience! 

Do you also have lower engagement with your content?

Become an Instagram sensation with increasing your engagement? with minimal effort!



Dr Gajendra was already using WhatsApp automation by botosynthesis, and he was very much pleased with the highly successful outcome.

As soon as we realised that his Instagram engagement can be improved using our automation system, Dr purohit and our team members scheduled a consultation for the same.

After thoroughly analysing his situation, our team created a tailor-made Instagram automation system for him.

Within one week, his profile displayed miraculous results using our instagram automation.

We began automating his Instagram interactions in the following 3 ways using our customised strategy:

IG DM Automation

Instagram DM Automation

Story Automation

Story Automation

Comment Automation

Comment Automation



Unlike humans, a chatbot can handle multiple interactions at the same time.
Also, it can provide 24/7 service – no need for a tea break, sick leave or family vacation!

Instagram automation drastically increased engagement on his profile.
Here are a few astounding outcomes from Dr Purohit’s account analytics!

The reach of his instagram account increased by 155%
from September 13 to September 19 alone. Near 3.5k Accounts Reached Every Day!
instagram account increased
That’s just not it.
Within the same week, his account engaged 382% more accounts that weren’t Following him
Percentage New Graphics

You must be thinking that Dr Purohit had to make major investment to get such a terrific performance. Right?


The results that we have observed are entirely organic!

And now comes the real blast!
Story increase percentage
Within one month, his story interactions increased by 624%
reel increase percentage
The likes got doubled and he received 500+ reel interactions every day!
Can you believe all those figures?

The fact that our chatbot achieved these results in just 7 days – miraculous! isn’t it?

Let's hear directly from Dr Gajendra Purohit - How automation tossed his Instagram profile to the top!

Just one step Become an Instagram sensation with minimal effort!

Book a consultation call right away and receive a customized strategy for your instagram profile!

Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, Instagram allows automation over DM. Botosynthesis offers chatbots for Instagram that can handle all your customer conversations, replying to comments on your posts, responding to story replies and mentions, etc.

You can use a chatbot platform like Botosynthesis to build your chatbot on Instagram. You will need a Facebook business account for verification and Instagram can be added as one of the channels for your chatbot.

Instagram chatbots help businesses to generate more leads, increase user engagement, and drive conversations with leads that convert.

Yes, you can automate the replies to Instagram DMs using a chatbot platform like Botosynthesis. Customers can also trigger live chat for having real-time conversations with the brands.

You can automate replies to all your Instagram DMs, also giving the option to trigger live chat for having conversations with your customers. Botosynthesis chatbot platform will help you with Instagram automation.

Yes, you can automate replies to the stories mentioning your handle with platforms like Botosynthesis within minutes.

Post comments can be easily automated with platforms like Botosynthesis. Automated replies to posts can be easily triggered along with a personal message in the DM’s of the commentor.