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Custom field and get user data

Custom fields in Botosynthesis act like variables to store the user information like email, phone number, preference, and a lot more based on your requirement and bot building process.
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How can I enable/disable live chat?

Live chat option is possible on our platform if you can give page-level permission to Botosynthesis so that you can receive the messages in first prior on our platform and get the messages secondly on your Facebook platform. To get this feature for multiple users, follow the below steps
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How to notify admins

Notifying admins will send a push to the selected admins to handle the conversation after some period or update on order or confirmation on purchase and many more.
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How to sell with the webshop?

Webshop allows your customers to easily place orders online. The webshop works on all channels. No matter if your customers use Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram … they will be able to buy from your business.
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