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Core components of Messenger bot

After connecting your Facebook page on Botosynthesis platform, you can start building your bot for your business. To “Get Start”, you need to configure three basic things for every bot,
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How to auto reply to Facebook comments

A new way to turn your Facebook page audience into customers. Yes, you can make your Messenger chatbot send an auto-comment & automatic reply to the audience’s Messenger inbox when they comment on something on your page post.
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How to setup Welcome Message

Welcome Message is the first message the user will receive from your Messenger bot. This message is sent when the user interacts for the first time with the Bot by clicking on the ‘Get Started’ button. Only Messenger Channel support the Welcome Message.
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How to use One-time Notification

The OTN or also known as the One Time Notification has been introduced during the new Messenger marketing changes by Facebook on March 4th of 2020. It is a way of preventing the many unsolicited messages (spam) subscribers received by the many businesses they were subscribed to.
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How to use personas

Bot profile is simply the chatbot persona, you can change the Messenger chatbot’s profile name and image using this feature. 
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