Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Customer Support

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I believe we are living in the era of Artificial Intelligence but let’s have a reality check.

  • 💾 Do you still use floppy disks to store data?
  • 📟 Do you still use pagers for the day to day communication?
  • ⏳ Do you still use hourglass to guess time?

These questions might sound silly to you or they may trigger a bit of nostalgia in your heart.

And the obvious answer to all of them is…”No, who does this now?… This is all past”.

And if someone was to use these methods today, he will be laughed at.😂

Because today we have modern methods, modern technologies and modern infrastructure which is evolving at a much faster rate than ever.

The rapid changes in our way of doing day to day things are direct proof of this tech revolution. Many techniques that were common five years ago are outdated and not relevant now. It is true for many business aspects as well. For example, now offline marketing has become irrelevant for many businesses and they have migrated to digital marketing.

One such thing that is changing rapidly due to the AI-Tech revolution is customer support. With the help of AI-based automated chatbots, businesses are saving enormous time and money.

Imagine having a digital employee(like a Robot🤖) who can handle more than 95% of all your incoming queries and that too in half the salary of your current customer support system.

And let me tell a few qualities of a chatbot:

  1. Punctual — It needs no leaves, breaks, holidays.
  2. Energetic — It can work 24*7*365 non-stop(even overnights)
  3. Impartial — Being a machine it is unbiased(in a true sense)
  4. Magnetic — You will never miss any incoming leads
  5. Multitasker — It can single-handedly handle all of the channels(Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, etc.)

If you are still wondering what can a chatbot do for you…..it can make you tension free by handling almost all of your customer support while you can sip a coffee, go fishing, enjoy your weekend, or do anything that you like.

If you are still having manual customer support, you are lagging in the business world. In just a few years it will be as outdated as floppy disks for data storage.

I believe we are living in the era of Artificial Intelligence and as the prime minister of India Mr Narendra Modi rightly said.

“In the era of artificial intelligence, we cannot refrain from embracing technology.” — Narendra Modi

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