Jio mart launches its store on Whatsapp. If you are a small business, this can affect you!

Jio Mart launch its store on whatsapp

Recently Jio mart announced the launch of its online store on WhatsApp.

With the release of this information, many significant participants in the e-commerce industry began rethinking their approaches to online sales.

Small retailers are also becoming uneasy about Jio Mart’s new strategy because it can potentially steal a large portion of their customers.

There is a solution to this problem that can help businesses of any size to compete in this revolution started by Jio Mart.

Before coming to the solution, let me grab your attention to why Jio Mart has launched its store on WhatsApp.

More customers, more sales

Among its 2 billion monthly users worldwide, WhatsApp has a user base of about 487 million in India alone, making it one of the most widely used platforms in the world.

As a result, India is the country with the largest WhatsApp audience.

You must be wondering how this information supports the Jio Mart decision.

It is because Jio Mart now has an already-built audience, that is on the platform.

There is no longer a need to download anything or go to any online stores, therefore the added work of getting customers to their app is gone.

A customer just needs to open WhatsApp and browse the store directly from the app.

Enabling people to order easily

Previously, using a feature phone was challenging for most individuals, but this is no longer the case.

Thanks to WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption, users from every age use it for a variety of purposes and it is already a required app in India for transferring media, crucial documents, and more.

People who are less tech-savvy or do not own a smartphone still find it challenging to place online orders using websites or applications.

This significantly reduced the negative effects on local businesses because these customers choose to walk to the neighborhood store to make purchases.

However, users now don’t need to learn how to use the app to place orders thanks to WhatsApp’s user-friendly layout and popularity among people of all ages.

With WhatsApp UPI’s additional payment method options, ordering things is as simple as opening the app and chatting with the retailer.

This may cut off a substantial chunk of customers who previously found it challenging to use any other e-commerce app or website.

Sell more products when they buy one

Every time a consumer searches for a product on an online e-commerce platform, it is a typical feature of these platforms to offer additional products that go well with that product or are frequently bought together.

Upselling is the practice of selling a product alongside the one the buyer actually wants to purchase.

When using WhatsApp, it is simple to convince a customer by explaining the benefits of purchasing a product in addition to the main item.

The WhatsApp store has the capability to send product usage videos, photos, or documents that use rich media to demonstrate how valuable the product is.

Remind customers to complete their shopping

When shopping online, it’s a common behavior for buyers to add things to their carts, but later leave them because of some distraction.

Later, they forget to check their shopping carts and buy the item from somewhere else again.

Around the world, 71.23% of shopping carts are abandoned on average.

How much money could these companies make if all of the products in the cart were to be sold?

The WhatsApp store allows customers to add products to their cart and shop conveniently, but when they leave their cart with items still in it without checking out, the store prompts them via WhatsApp messaging to return and complete the transaction.

Emails for abandoned carts only have an open rate of 44.37% and a CTR of 10.85%.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, has an open rate of more than 90%.

Because of this, the WhatsApp technique is more effective than any other traditional notification for checking the cart back.

These are a few of the primary factors that could send customers to Jio Mart and leave your business with a customer shortage.

But you don’t need to worry, because now we are going to look at the solution promised in the beginning of the article!

The solution

Will you trust me if I tell you that you can do everything Jio Mart has done with WhatsApp?

Yes! That’s true.

To open your own WhatsApp store similar to Jio Mart, you don’t need collaboration with WhatsApp or a big expenditure.

You can utilize all the aforementioned advantages without going over budget.

This will provide you the ability to assist your customers on WhatsApp and persuade them to make a purchase from your store.

You can now have a store of your own where customers can find the same convenience as at Jio Mart.

But how can all of this be accomplished?

Botosynthesis.ai is the solution.

The experienced team will make it really simple for you to use the WhatsApp shop, and you won’t even feel bothered.

Additionally, you can use the system without any technological expertise.

Nobody wants to fall behind in the e-commerce revolution.

You won’t be either, I bet.

So act quickly and book a call with our experts to learn more.

Frequently Ask Questions

A WhatsApp Bot is a chatbot software that runs on the WhatsApp messaging platform. Using it, businesses can converse with their prospects and customers on WhatsApp.

Absolutely not. You can build WhatsApp Chatbots on Botosynthesis.ai without coding. Botosynthesis bot builder lets you create a conversational flow with just a few clicks.

Within a 24-hour window, you can respond to any query from a user for free, after which the message template will be charged.

A WhatsApp chatbot message template is a set of predefined messages approved by WhatsApp that you can send to your users before they send a message or after the 24-hour window has expired.

In this case, Botosynthesis bot-to-human handover makes sense. You can seamlessly switch from the bot to the human with Botosynthesis human handover feature, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

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