🤖Chatbot vs 🧑🏻‍💻Human Customer Support!

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🤖Chatbot vs 🧑🏻‍💻Human Customer Support!

👋🏻 Do you have a Social Media Manager?

If YES…he/she must be responding to messages that are coming to your business and providing excellent customer support.

BUT the question is HOW EFFICIENT is a person or a team of people replying to queries on all your Social Media Channels??

Humans are ultimately intelligent but they have their human limitations. They get tired, they need breaks, they can be biased due to their personal emotions, they need leaves, they need weekend offs, and…..they just have two hands.🙌🏻

Botosynthesis Chatbots can provide customer support on multiple channels at the same time.

It means a human can only handle one social media account at a time but it is not the same when it comes to a chatbot. A chatbot can single-handedly respond to people on all social media accounts.

No matter how efficiently you organise your human customer support team…it can NEVER BE as efficient and cost-effective as even a single Chatbot.

Chatbots are the 🔥Hot Cake🔥 in customer support and here are a few advantages of them:

✅ Errorless — They don’t make mistakes…Never.
⏳ 24*7*365 Automated Customer Support — They don’t get tired and hence don’t need breaks at all.
💰 Cost-Effective — They just need half of the salary of an average Social Media Manager.
✨ The list can go on for 10–15 more points.

To understand more you can visit — https://botosynthesis.ai

If you are having a manual customer support mechanism…it’s time for you to rethink.

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