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Everyone values their time and no one likes to wait unnecessarily. And because of the same customers like the businesses that values their time.

My Personal Experience
Today’s my friend Vansh’s birthday and I am writing this right after the birthday party.

Soon after wishing him a happy birthday in the morning, I decided to book a good party venue for the evening. I just picked up my phone did a Google search and found a few good restaurants near me.

I saw a send WhatsApp message button and I contacted the first restaurant on WhatsApp and asked them if they have a venue available for the evening but I was not fortunate enough to get a response from them. So without waiting much I decided to go ahead with the next one and similarly, I sent a WhatsApp message to the second restaurant and then I waited for a few more seconds to get a response but I was not lucky enough even this time. After gathering some hope I messaged the third one and finally, I was able to get a response as the restaurant was online. Just after a few questions and answers, I booked the restaurant that was able to respond back to me in time.

Acceptable Response Time — The Problem

With this recent experience that I had, I realise that because of the technological advancements that are taking place around us we have become so impatient as customers that we cannot even wait for a few minutes to get a response.
If we don’t get a response instantly from a business we have 100s of alternate options just a Google search away. And this is an alarming situation for businesses.

If you are a business owner let’s ask this question to yourself “What is your average response time in seconds?”.

If the answer is greater than 30 seconds then you must rethink whether you were a customer, would you wait for more than 30 seconds before contacting another business?

If you ask me then I don’t even wait for 10 seconds as a consumer for getting a response.

The Solution

“Necessity, the mother of invention” — Richard Franck

The first solution that anyone can think of is staying online 24×7×365 to make sure that the business is not missing any of the leaves or probably hiring a person to do the same.
And the other way is to Let AI Do It For You.
The smarter way to do it would be to deploy a chatbot for your business that can automatically address all of the customer queries instantly.

A Chatbot can handle all of the incoming queries for your business on all of the channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, telegram Instagram Google my business, etc.

In a nutshell, it can be the digital representative for your business which would not require any leaves and won’t have any complaints from you.

It means once you hand it over to the Chatbot, you can sit back and relax without worrying about any of the incoming leads getting unaddressed.

And at Botosynthesis we believe that why do it ourselves when we can get it done by AI. So, #LetAIDoItForYou.

✨ If you are a business owner who is looking to automate customer support for a 100% engagement you can contact Botosynthesis or if you wish to get in touch with me Click Here.

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