Why Attorneys should use the Legal Chatbots?

After going through our previous blog, which emphasizes the presence of a legal chatbot, now it is time for us to look at the utilities which would be beneficial for the attorneys for their daily life’s chore.

Some of the benefits offered to our attorneys through this Legal Chatbot would be –

  1. Paid as per the billable hours → In legal procedures, there are numerous tasks involved from the very beginning till the closing of a case’s file. Amidst this, a large proportion of tasks are although unproductive but are a prominent part of any case hence can not be billed from the client. Some of the instances of these kinds of tasks are scheduling a meeting, verifying documents, getting legal documents attested by a gazetted officer, etc. These tasks have to complete with patience, require time, wholely consume the lawyer, and in return, the lawyer is expected to charge less. That is the reason we have come up with a legal chatbot to ease the tasks of a lawyer and shift their non-billable, repetitive, time-consuming, and cumbersome tasks to an automated bot. This would enable the attorneys to invest his/her quality time on billable tasks. With the elimination of initial investigation and the time spent in replying to queries, attorneys are more focused on billable tasks.
  2. The Automated facility of Client Follow-Up → Our chatbot tends to work 24*7 seamlessly. It does all its tasks without committing any errors and generates instant results. In legislative services, following up with a client is the most crucial task that too doing with a sensible tone in communication language. Our legal chatbot converse in a flawless natural language, which brings a sense of comfort and belongingness to our customers. Our chatbot with assistance from Artificial Intelligence keeps the clients engaged with its natural tone of a conversation. Moreover, it also gets back to the visitors who did not complete a request and hence increases the chance of a conversion by 60%. One shall always have the right conversation with thy customers with the bot already qualifying each lead on the attorney’s behalf. This entire process gives the prospective client an emotion of being valued, customized service, and required engagement.
  3. Nullifying the mental stress → It is often seen that the lawyers are occupied with a long list of TO-DO tasks and corporate stress. And many a time they can not even manage to pluck out time for their personal life. This creates a huge imbalance in their corporate and personal life and eventually lands in unending anxiousness. Moreover, a lawyer is a self-made person, which is treated as a knowledge bank, independent, and is mentally engaged with numerous tasks. This results in the rude behavior of an attorney. This kind of mental stress can be easily leveled up by a chatbot’s assistance.
  4. Keeping updated with all the inflowing leads → Many a time there are situations when potential clients or visitors keep visiting our servicing website or platforms, and they do not receive any response from the host. This may be a situation out of the unavailability of the visitor’s information or the channel to keep track of. This legal chatbot will keep a track of the visitors on your platforms and would notify the host on an immediate basis through email or Messenger. It takes up the responsibility to serve the clients with valuable content, let them know how you can help them, and turn those visitors into your customers, that too on an autopilot mode.
  5. Turning to an eco-friendly future → The legislative services are often piled up with a huge number of papers. This is because the important terms and conditions are always documented, requires clarity and consent between the associated people. These documents follow a particular flow and format. Being involved in legal matters gives birth to ever-increasing paperwork and piles of documents. This paperwork management is itself a specialization within a legislative service and demands a different resource to fulfill this task. This paperwork chore can be simplified within a fraction of a second using an automated bot that will do all these tasks for you with the utmost ease. In this manner, the organization of the documents would be systematic, retrieval of the documents would be fast, an eco-friendly approach which consumes digital memory rather than physical spaces, and the ubiquitous availability of the documents.
  6. Augmented Appointments → From one of the research it was found that clients value the answer of an attorney if the reply comes within half an hour. Also, 31.2 percent of customers surveyed want a response in one hour or less. Also, not to forget, clients love messaging applications, and they are more comfortable when they use something they already know and love when they are attended properly. There the legal chatbot comes into play! It instantly replies back to the client’s query and guides them to a funnel to book appointments while interacting professionally. And the major astonishing fact is that the client will never come to know, that there is some automated bot at the other end who is interacting with them, rather than a human being. You see how wonderful it is!

In winding up I would like to add that the world is evolving super fast, and so is important for us to adapt to the ongoing changes. The above-stated facts are the pain points of the attorney’s neck and we are here to heal their dilemmas. We have tried our level best to nullify these problems of an attorney through this legal chatbot. Do let us know with your valuable feedback.

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