Why Legal Chatbots?

After reading a lot about the Legal Chatbots from our previous blog, now it is time for us to dive into the segment of — “Need of a Legal Chatbot”. It is often said that a person should always ask thyself 4 important questions before initiating anything in one’s life. Those four questions are –
  • WHAT is it?
  • WHY this?
  • HOW would I achieve this?
  • WHEN should I initiate this?

So, now a real question arrives that why do our dear attorneys need these chatbots? To answer this question, let me first take you to the paining neck of our attorneys.

Some of the dilemmas faced by almost every lawyer in his/her daily life are →

  1. MINISCULE BILLABLE HOURS: There are many tasks involved to initiate and carry on a legal procedure, out of which the count of productive tasks is less, hence billable hours reduce. However, it is impossible to bypass these tasks, as they are an important part of the process. So, a lawyer is often expected to charge less which makes his/her survival difficult. Moreover, when there are many attorneys present in the market (offering the same quality service) at meagre prices then eventually it creates a boundary line that is difficult to cross. Thus, it is preferable to shift the non-billable tasks to an automated bot and the attorneys rather focus on the billable tasks.
  2. EVER INCREASING PAPERWORK: Almost every important task is preferred and practiced in a documented format. It is done so for the sake of clarity among the associated persons, truth, and time. Being involved in legal matters gives birth to ever-increasing paperwork and piles of documents. This task requires writing documents, knowing the appropriate format, managing, and storing the document. This task can be simplified within a fraction of a second using a digital medium like a bot who will do all these tasks for you with the utmost ease.
  3. LOADED WITH STRESS: When someone starts to live in an environment surrounded by ever shooting problems and mentally thinks about solving it then they tend to be rude and impatient. A lawyer is a self-made person, which is treated as a knowledge bank, independent, and is mentally engaged with numerous tasks. Hence, stress becomes difficult to handle by themselves and turn towards antidepressant drugs or being rude. This stress level can be maintained by a chatbot’s assistance.
  4. KEEPING THE BOOK’S KNOWLEDGE ON TIPS: In this ever-changing world there’s is a drastic increase in the crime rate and types of crime, so does the laws and regulations need modification. A lawyer is expected to know and understand all the laws, articles, and regulations by heart and it becomes very difficult to remember them. This will, in turn, bring newer regulations and it will be a big challenge to face crimes. Hence, a chatbot is the most suitable assistant to rote these laws by heart and help an attorney.
  5. DOCUMENT VERIFICATION: There is a lot of documents needed at various stages of a legal procedure which needs to be verified carefully by the attorney to be on the safer side. This verification requires time, peace of mind, and knowledge to verify. If this task is shifted to a digital means, would yield faster results with 100% accuracy.
  6. TIME MANAGEMENT: A lawyer deals with a significant number of clients, hence it becomes difficult to handle and keep track of everything at every clock. And punctuality is appreciated by every individual today. It is hard to believe that these attorneys do not even enjoy their weekends as the workload is enormous. Thus, a bot may help them to schedule meetings and manage time for these busy prodigies.

After reading this much, now it’s our turn to question you — Don’t you think our attorneys are in a need of reliable, accurate, and faster assistance like that of a chatbot?

Growth is a dream of every professional being, but not at the cost of mental peace. Moreover, the challenges need to be adequately met to be mentally and professionally successful, be a respected individual lawyer, and earn appropriately. For which the most important thing is to modify the traditional ongoings and think wisely.

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