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Botosynthesis allow your business to automate conversations on Telegram by creating a Telegram bot.
Follow the below steps by step to create and connect your bot to Botosynthesis


You will need to chat with the official Telegram Bot (https://t.me/botfather) to create your bot. Use the /newbot command to create your bot. You can learn more here. After creating your bot you will receive bot API token.


Setup Telegram on Botosynthesis

Navigate to Settings > Channels and find Telegram. You only need to specify your Telegram bot token and Botosynthesis will automatically integrate with Telegram and your bot is ready to respond to users.




On the flow builder, you will use Telegram or Omnichannel as a message type.


To test your flow, create a training phrase like “test” on Set Up AI that triggers your Telegram flow. Currently, you can’t preview a Telegram flow from the flow builder because Messenger contacts can’t be merged with Telegram contacts.

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